The Swiss Minister ( Peter ) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor to inform you that, having submitted to my Government the text of the draft treaty of conciliation and arbitration resulting from negotiations between your Department and this Legation, I have just received from the Federal Council the attached Full Powers to sign the treaty.9

In transmitting its adhesion, the Federal Council advises me that, as anticipated in my letter to you of December 8, 1930, it agrees to have the ratifications exchanged in Washington, the place of signature of the treaty. It informs me further that it shares the opinion expressed in your letter dated June 21, 1930, concerning the advantage of leaving to the contracting parties the liberty of deciding, for each conflict of a juridical character, whether they wish to submit it first to the Commission of Conciliation, or prefer resorting immediately to the Tribunal of arbitration. But aside from this optional and preliminary use of the Commission of Conciliation for conflicts [Page 1022] of a juridical character, contemplated in Article V, it is well understood, that for all conflicts not [of] a juridical character, or that would be excluded from arbitration by virtue of Article VI of the Treaty, recourse to the Commission of Conciliation would be obligatory in all cases, in conformity with Article II.

Please accept [etc.]

Marc Peter
  1. Document not attached to the original of this file.