The Swiss Minister (Peter) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the draft of a Treaty of Arbitration and Conciliation which was transmitted with your note of November 13, 1930, and of your communication of December 5, 1930,7 informing me that the suggestions made in regard to the language of the Treaty of Arbitration to the Assistant Chief of the Treaty Division in my letter of November 17th,8 meet with the approval of the Government of the United States. For my own part, I am sending you herewith enclosed the French text of the draft8 just forwarded to my Government for its final approval. I shall not fail to inform you of this approval as soon as received.

As for the place at which ratifications are to be exchanged, I presume that my Government will also suggest that the ratifications be exchanged at the place of signature, namely, Washington.

Accept [etc.]

Marc Peter
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