852.01/27: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Garrett) to the Secretary of State


58. Your circular telegram of April 17th, 5 p.m.7 The Italian press has reported the Spanish situation in great detail. No conclusions [Page 992] are drawn in the various accompanying editorials which have merely emphasized the uncertainty of the situation. Several days ago Le Journal of Paris attributed anti-Italian statements to Indalecio Prieto, the new Spanish Minister of the Treasury. Some feeling was precipitated here by the alleged declarations. However, what might have been an incident was definitely closed, according to press of this morning, by a denial from Prieto, and reassurances from Lerroux, the Minister of State. Up to the present time, there have been no announcements in the press relative to Italy’s recognition of the new Spanish Government. Insofar as I am able to determine the Italian Foreign Office has not yet arrived at a decision.

  1. See footnote 3, p. 987.