852.01/19: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain (Laughlin) to the Secretary of State


24. Department’s No. 10, 16th of April, 7 p.m. I believe that the first point to which you refer was included in the Embassy’s telegram No. 22 of April 16th, 5 p.m.

Your instructions as to procedure have been carefully noted. After having consulted with my ambassadorial colleagues here I shall reply to your second and third points.

I considered it advisable to follow the first of the alternative instructions with which you concluded your telegram. I spoke with the Provisional President along this line at 1 o’clock today with the intention of preparing him for postponement in the Department’s action. In this manner, I thought the only available protection against chaos would be strengthened. I was received most cordially by President Zamora, who agreed at once to what I made appear a personal suggestion without any reference to the Department’s instructions in the matter.

In my opinion, Zamora is very confident, perhaps too much so, that his Government is strong enough to handle whatever danger the future may have in store for it.