823.00 Revolutions/26: Telegram

The Chargé in Peru ( Mayer ) to the Secretary of State

166. Lima and suburbs quiet today. The tension is much relieved and business is seemingly being conducted as usual.

I am getting in touch this afternoon with the officer in charge of Foreign Affairs as is the case with the rest [of] my colleagues pursuant to a third-person note from him received last night. This resulted from a call upon Colonel Montagne by the Papal Nuncio who at the authorization of the diplomatic body explained the situation thoroughly so that no question of recognition could be implied from our establishing necessary contact with the junta. The morning press printed communiqué to the effect that the diplomatic body had never recognized the previous junta since it is not within the powers of the diplomatic body, being a matter which is solely for the respective Governments to determine. The communiqué closed with the [Page 734] statement that the present Military Council of Government appreciated the correct attitude of the chiefs of the mission resident in Lima with which it desires to maintain cordial relations. Although owing to the conversation which the Nuncio had with the so-called Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Military Council cannot consider anything the Embassy may do as tantamount to recognition unless expressly so declared, I shall address the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in any communications I have to make to it only in third-person notes in conformity with the long-established practice in Peking. My colleagues here are acting similarly. The Foreign Office has informed diplomatic representatives in Lima by note August 28 of the formation of the junta and of its composition as per my telegram to the Department 161, August 28, noon, and in conclusion conveyed its assurance that the new Council of Government would strictly comply with Peru’s international agreements and maintain the good relations which unite Peru with the United States.