823.00 Revolutions/29: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Peru ( Mayer )

95. The traditional friendship which has always existed between the Peruvian and American peoples, and the deep interest of this Government in everything relating to the political progress of all of the other American nations, impels me to express the earnest hope that the new authorities at Lima will deal with members of the former government in such a way as to reflect credit on the Government and people of Peru in the eyes of the rest of the world. I have no doubt that Señor Sanchez Cerro and his associates in the government have this consideration in mind. I realize, however, the strong pressure to which they are naturally being subjected by Señor Leguia’s personal enemies, and I cannot therefore refrain from asking you to impress upon them again the fact that whatever they do in this matter will have a profound effect upon the international standing and reputation of any government which may result from their movement. All of us who are deeply interested in the progress of the nations of this continent must earnestly hope that there will be no backward step toward the days when violence and personal revenge were characteristic of political movements, and that the leaders of the new regime in Peru will take a firm stand in this matter.

You may show this telegram to Señor Sanchez Cerro unless you consider it inadvisable.