812.543 Palmolive Company/3: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico ( Morrow ) to the Secretary of State

351. Your No. 500, November 4, 6 p.m. Palmolive Company’s case has been taken up informally with the Foreign Office and with Mr. Basham, one of the company’s lawyers in Mexico City. The Foreign Office has promised to investigate the point raised of possible violation of article 2 of the Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, revised at Washington June 2, 1911, and to make informal representations to the court should they appear to be justified. Basham will furnish the Embassy with a memorandum on the case. In the meanwhile it would be helpful if the Embassy might be informed of the interpretation given in the United States to article 2 of the convention cited when it is a question of the legal capacity to sue of a foreign corporation of nations signatory to the convention when such corporation has not been “registered” in the United States.