812.543 Palmolive Co./1: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Mexico ( Morrow )

500. Department informed that in suit for infringement of trademark which was prosecuted by Palmolive Company through Mexican Supreme Court and in which company was represented by Basham and Ringe Supreme Court is about to publish decision in which it is stated company has no legal status in Mexican courts and which ignores provisions of Article 2, Convention for Protection Industrial Property revised at Washington June 2, 1911,69 although these provisions were called to Court’s attention by company’s attorney and would apparently be violated by such decision.

Company is desirous that decision be not published until Mexican Government has had opportunity to consider applicability and force of treaty provisions mentioned.

Please bring matter to the attention of Foreign Office informally and express the hope that if the court has failed to give proper consideration to the Convention it may yet do so.