411.12/1152: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico (Clark) to the Secretary of State

354. My 351, December 15, 6 [5] p.m. We received from the Foreign Office this morning original copies in English and Spanish of a memorandum dated December 17th, substantially in accordance with the memorandum drafted by me and submitted to the Foreign Office on that date, as summarized in my 351. The only important difference is that Vázquez Schiaffino’s memorandum refers to “acts of Villa or his followers.” In drafting our memorandum I had in mind that “acts of Villa” would include “or his followers.”

Note received from Foreign Office today states that the offices of the Foreign Office will be closed from December 22nd until January 2nd for winter vacation. The Embassy understands that with certain minor exceptions all Mexican Government Departments are adhering to this rule.