882.20/312: Telegram

The Chargé in Liberia ( Carter ) to the Secretary of State

22. My No. 20.29 I have received written confirmation from Barclay in following terms:

“In the event Captain Outley should be relieved of service with the Liberian frontier force as a result of the withdrawal of his nomination by the Government of the United States the Liberian Government would then be disposed forthwith to accept the nomination of Mr. Lewis as Major in the Liberian frontier at a salary, [for the time being,] of $7,500 per annum, on the understanding that the salary shall remain in that sum so long as the appointment of the second officer contemplated under the loan agreement article 12, paragraph 3, is not insisted upon by the Fiscal Agent. In the event the Fiscal Agent should insist upon the appointment of the second officer specified in the agreement then the aggregate salaries to be paid these officers shall not exceed the sum provided under article 12, paragraph 3, of the loan agreement until the parties to that agreement shall have arrived at an understanding as to any increase or diminution of that sum in the manner provided in article 12, paragraph 3, of the loan agreement.

It was my understanding that any increase in the amount of $8,000 specified in article 12, paragraph 3, of the loan agreement would require Legislative approval but that such Legislative approval, in the opinion of the Executive, would not be necessary to the appointment of Major Lewis upon the terms and in the circumstances stated above.”

Outley was nominated under the 1912 loan agreement and his nomination has never been confirmed under the 1926 loan agreement. Outley is at present at Cape Palmas and I do not feel that his continuation out here will serve any useful purpose. Request that I be authorized to inform Liberian Government that the Government of the United States has “for the convenience of the Government” withdrawn Outley’s nomination as preliminary to appointment of Lewis. Believe that some provision should be made for Outley, such as reinstatement in the American Regular Army with full seniority for the time he has spent here and that he be appropriately thanked for his services.

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