Mr. James P. Moffitt of the Division of Western European Affairs to the Chief of the Division (Marriner)

Mr. Marriner:

Sanitary Conditions in Monrovia

(See attached letter from the Public Health Service.88)

Dr. Pierce of the Public Health Service was given the gist of Mr. Moffitt’s conversation with Mr. Roy,89 Assistant Secretary of the Advisory Committee on Education in Liberia, which was to the effect that $2,000 was being sent today by that organization to their representative in Liberia, Bishop Campbell, for the use of Dr. Smith in carrying out the sanitary program.

Dr. Pierce expressed satisfaction and said it would not be necessary to act upon his letter of June 6, 1930, until the Department had found a solution for the situation in Liberia.

In connection with this situation, it would seem advisable to urge unofficially on Mr. Firestone90 when he calls here next Tuesday that the $18,000 allotted from the Loan Funds, which were due on April 1, [Page 419] 1930, be advanced at once irrespective of the program of the Finance Committee which envisages no further advances of loan funds until a reform program be adopted by the liberian Government.91

J[ames] P. M[offitt]
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  2. L. A. Roy, office secretary of the Phelps–Stokes Fund, of New York.
  3. Harvey S. Firestone, Jr., of Akron, Ohio.
  4. For letter of June 14, 1930, from the Finance Corporation of America, see p. 400.