The Assistant Surgeon General (Pierce) to Mr. James P. Moffitt of the Division of Western European Affairs

Dear Sir: This is to confirm our telephone conversation of today when I read to you the following cablegram received from Surgeon H. F. Smith, Monrovia, Liberia, under date of June 5th:

“Monrovia mortality for May reduced seventy five percent compared previous years. Total expenditures less than five thousand. [Page 418] Have been officially notified no funds to liquidate May salaries or other expenditures. Courts have refused to prosecute violations [of] duly enacted legislation governing mosquito control. Necessary discontinue all operations June first due lack funds. Have disclaimed all responsibility for control yellow fever unless funds provided and court action assured. At present have neither funds nor authority but still striving for both. Full report and results sanitary survey in mails.”

In view of the statements made by Dr. Smith in the above-quoted cablegram, it is requested that arrangements be made to relieve Dr. Smith from further duty at Liberia, and that he be returned to the United States at the expense of the Liberian Government as early as practicable. The demand upon the Public Health Service for commissioned officers is so great that it cannot be met. This Service does not therefore feel justified in permitting Dr. Smith to remain longer in Liberia unless he can receive the full cooperation of the Liberian Government in the work of sanitary improvement for which he was sent to that country.

By direction of the Surgeon General:


C. C. Pierce