882.5048/313: Telegram

The Chargé in Liberia (Reber) to the Secretary of State

134. Section 2.34

“With the object of facilitating the execution of reforms, the Government of Liberia suggests that the following program includes the major reforms to be adopted.

Reassurances of the Liberian Government that, in collaboration with the Financial Adviser, it will put its finances upon a sound economic basis in harmony with the terms of the loan agreement of 1926, and will cooperate with and assist the fiscal administration in attaining this object by adopting all lawful measures necessary.
Establishment of a permanent sanitation program with sufficient authority and means for making this program effective.
Measures for the more expeditious and impartial administration of justice, as well as taking immediate steps to improve the standards of judicial procedure and qualifications of its judges and bar.
Reform of the interior administration and removal of unnecessary restrictions upon legitimate trade and communication with the hinterland.
Reorganization of the frontier force in accordance with plans to be drawn up and submitted by the American Military Adviser not contrary to law and approved by the President.
Definite and comprehensive program of public works under experienced direction for the purpose of assisting the economic and social development of [in] the interior.

C. D. B. King, President of Liberia, September 30, 1930.”

[Paraphrase.] President King says he has not shown the note to any member of his Cabinet except the Secretary of State, who assented most reluctantly. The President appeared very anxious lest a meeting of the Faulkner group (scheduled to occur in a few days to protest against his administration) may result in active demonstrations in opposition to him and possibly in a demand for his impeachment. The President has spoken to the Financial Adviser, John Loomis, regarding the possibility of requesting American protection should violence be threatened.

However, I anticipate no serious disorder. [End paraphrase.]

  1. For section 1, see telegram No. 133, supra.