882.5048/312: Telegram

The Chargé in Liberia (Reber) to the Secretary of State

133. The President has asked that the following, addressed to the Secretary of State, be forwarded immediately and that he be told of its receipt in Washington.

[Page 354]

“The Government of Liberia takes this occasion to express its sincere appreciation and thanks for the services rendered by the American member of the International Commission appointed by the Government of the United States, in accord with its traditional friendly interest toward Liberia.

Although the Government of Liberia questions the accuracy as well as the motives behind the testimony of some witnesses before the Commission, it recognizes that the recommendations made by the Commission, as a result of an investigation by impartial minds, are motivated by a profound interest in the social and economic responsibilities of a sovereign state.

Considering the relatively unknown problems with which Liberia is faced, the Government of Liberia is not so much concerned with a controversy over facts as it is desirous of demonstrating to sympathetic and friendly nations its solemn purpose to improve conditions within its borders and to take all appropriate measures to vindicate its good name and standing in the community of sovereign states.

The Government of Liberia therefore wishes to assure the Government of the United States and other nations that it accepts the recommendations and suggestions of the International Commission of Inquiry and agrees to adopt the said recommendations.

Considering the friendship of the United States and its historic, traditional interest in the progress of Liberia, the Government of Liberia has determined to request the good offices of the United States to lend its friendly advice and assistance in reestablishing a sound economic system and bringing [about] reforms intended to preserve the good name of the Republic, which otherwise might be prejudiced, were not the good faith of the Government of Liberia clearly demonstrated.”

Section 2 follows as telegram No. 134.