882.5048/311: Telegram

The Chargé in Liberia (Reber) to the Secretary of State


131. A Cabinet committee which was appointed to examine the International Commission’s report has submitted its own findings and recommendations. These, if adopted, promise a series of partial reforms, but lack measures for their enforcement. They suggest proclamations to declare slavery illegal, to prohibit the shipment of labor, and to abolish pawning. Other suggestions are the removal of restrictions within the Republic upon the movement of Liberians and the appointment of a European adviser to establish an administration, [Page 353] without authority, assisted by Liberian district commissioners who are of higher type than those now employed.

This report, which has not been made public, in its tone indicates that certain facts are accepted, and it appears to be the committee’s desire to promise a few reforms, which, however, will effect no real improvement or fundamental change in the situation.