The German Embassy to the Department of State 38

Senate Bill 717 “To provide for the deportation of certain alien seamen and for other purposes[”] in the opinion of the German Government if enacted will entail serious hardships to German shipping interests. Especially Section 3 and Section 6 are considered to cause objections on the part of German shipping.

Section 3 provides that if an alien who is held not to be a bona fide seaman has been found inadmissible “such alien shall be deported, as [Page 844] a passenger, on a vessel other than that by which brought, at the expense of the vessel by which brought, and the vessel by which brought shall not be granted clearance until such expense[s] are paid or their payment satisfactorily guaranteed.”

Section 6 provides that “all vessels entering ports of the United States manned with crews the majority of which, exclusive of licensed officers, have been engaged and taken on at foreign ports shall, when departing from the United States ports, carry a crew of at least equal number, and any such vessel which fails to comply with this requirement shall be refused clearance”.

  1. Left at the Department by the Secretary of the German Embassy, Jan. 21, 1928.