810.79611 Pan American Airways, Inc./21

The Pan American Airways, Inc., to the Department of State

Gentlemen: This Company’s airplane “Pan-America” will leave Key West, Florida, on or about February 28th, and will cover the following itinerary, as nearly as practicable:

February 28 —San Miguel, Yucatan
29 —Belize, British Honduras
March 1 —Puerto Barrios, Guatemala
2 —Guatemala City, Guatemala
4 —San Salvador, Salvador
6 —La Union, Salvador
[Page 776]10 —Managua, Nicaragua
13 —San Jose, Costa Rica
15 —Colon, Canal Zone
17 —Limon, Costa Rica
20 —San Juan Del Norte, Nicaragua
22 —Managua, Nicaragua
24 —Puerto Barrios, Guatemala
27 —Belize, British Honduras
29 —San Miguel, Yucatan
31 —Cape San Antonio, Cuba
April 1 —Havana, Cuba

Of course, this itinerary is only tentative, and the schedule must vary with weather conditions and delays encountered. However, it is requested that permission be obtained from the Governments of Mexico, British Honduras, Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama to land in these countries without having to undergo the customary formalities and complications of clearance, etc. It is also requested that the Consular Representatives of the United States at the places above mentioned, and also at places hereinafter mentioned, be notified of this flight, and instructed to render every assistance possible to the early consummation of the Company’s survey work.

The purpose of this flight is to survey the most feasible airway between Key West and Colon, in anticipation of the award of a mail contract for a service over this route. It may be necessary to touch at certain additional places, particularly Corinto, Nicaragua and Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Mr. J. E. Whitbeck will be in charge of this flight, and will be instructed to communicate his departures and arrivals to the nearest American Consul, as well as to advise both Consular and Diplomatic Representatives of the United States more exactly as to his time of arrival, when it can Be determined.

It will be impossible to maintain the above schedule unless requested exemption from the customary red tape is obtained, and it is, of course, of vital importance to the Company to have this survey completed before the rainy season begins in the middle of April.

Very truly yours,

Pan American Airways, Inc.
John A. Hambleton