The Chilean Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Rios ) to the Secretary of State 29


Excellency: I have experienced great pleasure in acquainting myself with the communication dated the ninth instant, in which Your Excellency is pleased to let me know that you have been most gratified to observe the mutual growth of a more friendly feeling between Chile and Peru, which Your Excellency deems to be a tribute to the well-marked public spirit of both Governments and an evidence of the desire to establish a basis of cordial and permanent understanding between the two peoples.

Your Excellency lays stress on the great and careful attention with which you have selected the means by which the Government of the United States and Your Excellency will be able to assist the two countries and state that after long and careful deliberation Your Excellency has come to the conclusion that an accommodation of their mutual interests would be promoted thanks to the reestablishment of diplomatic relations through the reciprocal appointment of their respective agents. Your Excellency believes that such a course is consistent with the highest interests of Chile and Peru, and would present to their representatives an opportunity to interpret not only the ideals of their Governments, but also the basis of good will which, as Your Excellency is convinced, exists between the two nations; and that it would also afford a favorable means for facilitating the definite removal of all misunderstandings which exist between them and lead them to a permanent reestablishment of the relations between the two Republics in a satisfactory manner. Your Excellency believes that the resumption of diplomatic relations would appeal to the sentiment of the peoples of Chile and Peru and would, in addition, be applauded by all the nations of the Continent as a step in the interest of peace and conciliation. Your Excellency especially mentions the desire of my Government to contribute towards bringing closer the ties between the American peoples and, on that ground, you see fit to suggest, in full confidence that it will be accepted and approved, that Chile signify its readiness to reestablish diplomatic relations with the Peruvian Government and indicate its willingness to appoint its representative in this country at an early mutually convenient date. Your Excellency ends with the statement that a similar invitation is being made to His Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru.

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I must first express to Your Excellency the earnest thanks of my Government for your very cordial initiative and the friendly interest prompted by it, affording favorable means for facilitating the definite removal of the difficulties pending between Chile and Peru. The inspirations of invariable harmony and concord which have always guided the international policy of Chile being well known to Your Excellency, Your Excellency had reason to feel assured that this invitation was bound to be received by us in a frankly favorable spirit.

The honor, therefore, devolves upon me to inform Your Excellency of our full acceptance, feeling assured that we are thus responding not only to the desire for peace which guided the thoughts of my Government but also the broad spirit of conciliation which animates our people as a reflex of their profound faith in the progress and welfare of all the countries of America under the protection of an atmosphere of international tranquillity and trust.

Harboring the flattering hope that this initiative and the open way in which it is met by Chile, will soon yield the results sought by Your Excellency’s high purposes for a better realization of the ideals of union and fraternity in which all the peoples of America join, it affords me satisfaction to say that my Government is ready to arrange the measures that may be necessary for a resumption of its diplomatic relations with Peru in the manner suggested by Your Excellency.

I avail myself [etc.]

Conrado Rios Gallardo
  1. Transmitted to the Secretary of State by the Chilean Ambassador in a covering note of July 12.