710.F/123: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Cuba (Curtis)

87. Your 108, November 9, 3 p.m. This afternoon’s Washington Star publishes following Associated Press despatch dated Geneva, November 10: [Page 533]

“Although the League of Nations does not intend to send an official observer to the forthcoming pan-American conference in Havana, the League secretariat probably will participate in the work of preliminary organization for the conference.

An official note issued today said that the League secretariat was sending Cristobal Rodriguez to Havana. Rodriguez is a Panaman and a member of the secretariat. It also is reported that one or more League interpreters may go to the conference.

It appears that Cuba, which is a member of the League council, first consulted Sir Eric Drummond, League secretary, concerning technical points connected with preparation for the conference, which is scheduled to open in January, because of the League’s vast experience in arranging such affairs. Sir Eric appointed Señor Rodriguez to supply the requested information, and soon after Cuba asked whether Rodriguez could not be sent to Havana. To this Sir Eric agreed.

Although the League does not intend to send an official ‘observer,’ it is understood that Rodriguez will make a report, especially because of the fact that the League is seeking to augment its links of liaison with its Latin American members.”

Please inquire immediately regarding this and report definitely regarding measures taken by Cuba with the League in connection with coming Conference. It is most important that the Department know exactly what has been done and whether any official of the League has been requested to come to Habana and if so when and for what purpose.