The Cuban Chargé (Barón) to the Secretary of State


Excellency: The Fifth American International Conference held at Santiago, capital of the Republic of Chile, in 1923,2 resolved to [Page 528]name Habana, capital of the Republic of Cuba, for the place where the Sixth American International Conference shall meet, and the Cuban Government with the approval of the Pan American Union, has decided to open the said conference on the sixteenth of January, 1928.

In the name of the Government of Cuba I have the honor to invite the Government of the United States to be represented at the Sixth American International Conference and to say that my Government is greatly interested in having Your Excellency’s Government send its delegates to the said conference, which, by virtue of its great labors which it is to carry out, will prove a substantial tie and strong foundation for genuine American brotherhood.

The program of the Sixth American International Conference will be directly delivered by the Pan American Union to Your Excellency’s Government as soon as it is finally approved.

My Government would be grateful if the Government, in the event of accepting the invitation, would kindly let it know as soon as possible the names and number of its delegates.

I avail myself [etc.]

José Barón
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