The Cuban Chargé ( Altunaga ) to the Secretary of State

Excellency: I have the honour to send Your Excellency herewith three copies of the Final Act of the Second International Conference on Immigration and Emigration held in Havana, March–April, 1928,67 one of the copies duly certified by the Under Secretary of State of Cuba.

[Page 508]

I beg to transmit these documents to Your Excellency with the request that Your Government, if desirous of so doing, give adherence to the resolution approved by the Conference regarding the desire to hold the next Conference on Immigration and Emigration in Madrid, the organization of which will be in charge of the Board of Directors of the Conference, according to paragraphs 1 and 2 of Resolution number 1 taken at the Plenary session in April 17th (pages 62–63 French text of the Final Act).

I avail myself [etc.]

Rafau Rodriguez Altunaga
  1. For text, see Acta Final de la Segunda Conferencia Internacional de Emigration e Inmigracion, la Habana, 31 de Marzo-17 de April de 1928 (Habana, 1928).