500.A15/822: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Wilson) to the Secretary of State


118. Referring to Ambassador Gibson’s 79, December 2[1], 3 p.m., and Consul Rand’s 11, political, November 9.28 Drummond29 seemed considerably worried in a recent conversation lest the next session of the Preparatory Commission should cause a wrangle between Great Britain and the United States. Believing that the character of the resolution adopted in the Assembly and the moral pledge to Germany [Page 261]necessitate an early meeting of the Preparatory Commission, Drummond is of opinion that it would be wise from a strategic point of view to call a short session in February with a limited agenda from which an attempt should be made to exclude naval questions. The date of future conference to cover all questions including naval could be placed sufficiently far in the future to allow the hope of some measure of agreement between the United States and Great Britain.

For my part I concur in his fears of increased bitterness being given to the disagreement between the British and ourselves in the Preparatory Commission and believe that there is only a remote possibility that publicity and debate on naval questions can be prevented in view of the presence, of the Russians. Loudon’s program outlined in telegram 79 from Gibson appears much better and he should be urged to maintain it if possible. Nothing which may take place in the Preparatory Commission could be more important than our relations with Great Britain are to both of us.

Gibson has been sent a copy.

  1. Latter not printed.
  2. Sir Eric Drummond, Secretary General of the League of Nations.