500.A15/684: Telegram

The Chief of the American Representation on the Preparatory Commission (Gibson) to the Secretary of State

18. The question of date for our next meeting having arisen and it having become evident that there was a disposition to choose an early fixed date although it was generally recognized that we might not be able to undertake serious work, I felt it desirable to point out that I had encountered persistent reports that we were going to press for an immediate second reading and that it was advisable that our position be made clear. While we were ready to proceed with a second reading now if it was felt there was sufficient measure of agreement to justify this course, we would on the other hand accept the general verdict if it was decided that in the interest of the work an adjournment should be taken. As to choosing a date I pointed out that, as the United States in common with several other countries had to send its technical staff long distances to attend these meetings, I hoped it would be possible to choose in such a way as to obviate long and unsatisfactory journeys; that we had already had two meetings on arbitrarily chosen dates; and that in this instance I would suggest that the chairman be asked to keep in touch with the progress of direct negotiations for the purpose of harmonizing divergent views and that he be requested to convoke us as soon as in his opinion it would be possible to proceed with a second reading with reasonable prospect of success.