500.A15/646: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Wilson) to the Secretary of State


14. I conferred today with Gibson at Geneva. Both of us consider it important to receive early telegraphic instructions regarding subjects mentioned in my despatch No. 209, December 16, 1927, since we shall be unable to make preparation for forthcoming meeting of the Preparatory Commission until the Department’s views are known to us. The advisability of proceeding with the second reading of the draft and the American attitude on the Russian resolution are questions we have particularly in mind.

Regarding the reading of the draft, if you do not wish us to follow some other course we should be inclined to refrain from comment unless it appears necessary and to leave the discussion of the question to delegations of other powers; in this case we should state that if the others are agreed we are prepared to proceed with the second reading but that we do not feel justified in making any proposal at this time.