711.672/491: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the High Commissioner in Turkey (Bristol)


46. Department’s telegram number 43 of June 24, 6 p.m., and your telegram number 59 of June 26, 1 p.m.

Congress will adjourn on Saturday, July 3, and will reconvene on Monday, December 6. On July 2 the Senate, by unanimous consent, agreed to take up the American-Turkish treaty in January 1927, on the first day of the session following the holidays.
Your conception of the general nature of the Department’s instructions contained in its telegram number 43, as stated by you in paragraph 1 of your telegram number 59, is correct. It is the feeling of the Department, however, that it would be wiser to take up the renewal of the modus vivendi with Turkey now rather than in August, inasmuch as any unfavorable reaction which may result by reason of the postponing of action on the treaty will presumably be fully crystallized by that time.
Except with regard to the term of renewal of the modus vivendi, the Department does not desire any modification of its provisions or [Page 985] enlargement of its scope. For reasons set forth in Department’s telegram number 43, a renewal for a term of 8 months, or better still for 9 months, would be preferable to a renewal for 6 months. However, this is a small point which you can bring up at Angora if you think it wise.
The Department is pleased to learn of the efforts which you have made to prepare Turkish officials for the further postponement of action on the treaty. It is confident that if there is any possibility of the modus vivendi being renewed, it will be as a result of your conversations at Angora.17
  1. The modus vivendi was renewed on July 20, 1926, by an exchange of notes, for a further period of 6 months dating from Aug. 20, 1926. See despatch No. 2008 of July 30, 1926, from the High Commissioner in Turkey, p. 1000.