711.672/527: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Turkey ( Bristol ) to the Secretary of State

108. Following is quoted textually from statement regarding Lausanne Treaty made to Angora press by Minister for Foreign Affairs and given considerable publicity in today’s Constantinople papers:

“The treaty concluded at Lausanne between the United States of America and Turkey is in complete harmony with modern Turkey’s policy of establishing or renewing relations on a new basis with all of the civilized nations of the world. As you are aware, a state of hostility never having existed between Turkey and the United States, there is no question awaiting solution between these two countries other than that of placing existing relations on a treaty basis.

The position of the United States in the economic and political world and the friendly attitude maintained towards us even during the most difficult days of the Nationalist movement are known to all of you; consequently there can exist no doubt regarding the advantages to be derived from consolidating relations with the United States, on the one hand, which is one of the great countries of the civilized world and which pursues a pacific policy, and, on the other hand, our country which represents an important factor of activity and power in the Near East, which plays an important part in extending modern civilization in Asia and the keynote of whose policy is a desire for peace. Therefore, for the reasons summarized above, I consider myself as justified in expecting that the treaty, which has been submitted to the Grand National Assembly for approval and which is actually under examination by the Foreign Relations Committee [of] that body, will be ratified with eagerness.”