711.672/491: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Turkey ( Bristol ) to the Secretary of State


59. Your telegram number 43 dated June 24, 6 p.m. I have made preparations to carry out Department’s instructions immediately upon receipt of telegram notifying me that Congress has adjourned and [Page 984] naming date in December when ratification may be considered. My understanding is that Department’s instructions cover any situation which may arise from a further postponement by the Senate of this matter. Also, that the Department, considering its experience with the present Turkish Government in former negotiations, will expect me to use my own discretion in carrying out these instructions, with the end in view of maintaining the status quo and adhering to modus vivendi of February 18, 1926.

In furtherance of a policy which has comprehended fully the possibility of the existing emergency, I have endeavored in recent months through informal contacts to prepare Turkish official opinion for a delay in action on the treaty. Semiofficial press comments and casual statements of high Government officials have encouraged me to think that the Turkish Government has responded with some measure of understanding.

As for renewing the commercial modus vivendi, I am of the opinion that there is slight possibility of obtaining any enlargement on its Scope. If the opportunity should present itself during the course of the negotiations for a renewal of the modus vivendi, I shall broach the subject of renewing the same for a longer term than that provided for by law.