124.1718/108: Telegram

The Chargé in Nicaragua (Thurston) to the Secretary of State


9. Legation’s January 6 [5?], 10 a.m. President Solorzano requested me to call this morning to discuss with him the withdrawal of the Legation guard. He appeared to be genuinely alarmed by the prospect of losing the marines and urged me to cable to the Department a full exposition of his views and desires. These are set forth in the following excerpts taken from the draft of a formal note which will be submitted to the Legation this evening by the Minister for Foreign Affairs:

[The excerpts have been omitted. For full text of the note, see the Chargé’s telegram No. 13, Jan. 9, 1925, 10 a.m., printed on page 621.]

Although the newspapers have not yet published definite information regarding the withdrawal, there already exists some general alarm and it is asserted freely, announced by foreigners and Nicaraguans alike, that once the marines have gone a revolution will be inevitable. I am not convinced that this is necessarily certain but it is the general opinion.