124.1718/115a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Nicaragua (Thurston)

1. Your January 3 [5?], 10 a.m. and January 6, 3 p.m.3 The Department feels that it cannot delay the withdrawal of the Legation Guard as it has definitely stated that it would be withdrawn after the inauguration of the new administration, and as the Nicaraguan Government has known for more than a year of the impending withdrawal, and has had before it this Government’s offer to cooperate in the organization of a constabulary. The Department will, however, be glad to cooperate in every practicable way in organizing the constabulary, and I am again bringing to the attention of the House Military Affairs Committee the desirability of prompt action upon the pending legislation which would authorize the employment of American Marine officers as instructors. It is possible that this legislation will be approved before definite plans for the organization of the constabulary can be worked out.

The Department understands that the Navy Department will withdraw the Marines from Managua during January and that they will probably sail from Corinto about February 9. In the meantime the Department will be glad to have you and Major Keyser discuss plans for the organization of a constabulary, keeping the Department informed of any concrete proposals which may be made.

The Department has intended that you should continue to have formal and cordial diplomatic relations with the new authorities. This of course implies formal recognition and there is no objection to your making this fact clear. You may also indicate frankly but orally to the leaders of all parties that the new administration will have the moral support of the United States in maintaining the constitutional order and that the United States Government will be glad to extend any appropriate cooperation to Señor Solorzano in carrying out the program outlined in his inaugural address as reported by you in your January 2, 9 p.m.3a

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