124.1718/115: Telegram

The Chargé in Nicaragua ( Thurston ) to the Secretary of State

Legation’s 3, January 3, noon. The commander of the Legation guard received instructions yesterday indicating that the Legation guard will be withdrawn from Managua in the latter part of January and that legislation necessary to enable officers of the Marine Corps to participate in the organization of the Nicaraguan constabulary probably [Page 619] will not be approved by the United States Congress prior to the withdrawal.

I venture respectfully to recommend that if the decision to withdraw the Legation guard in January is final and withdrawal is not to be made contingent upon the establishment of a capable constabulary force the Department should at an early date extend formal public recognition to the Solorzano government and announce its intention to lend its effective moral support. A hiatus after the withdrawal of the marines and before full recognition might easily be misunderstood by certain disaffected factions as an opportunity tacitly offered for the overthrow of the Solorzano administration whereas receiving [recognition] before withdrawal probably would prevent such misunderstanding.