817.1051/41: Telegram

The Chargé in Nicaragua (Thurston) to the Secretary of State

3. Department’s instruction number 183, October 31,1 and subsequent telegraphic communications relating to the proposed Nicaraguan constabulary. During an interview with President Solorzano this morning he expressed a desire that a plan for the establishment of a constabulary be submitted to him and promised upon its receipt promptly to present it to Congress with his recommendation that it be speedily approved. I inquired whether the services of Major Keyser2 to organize and command the constabulary were acceptable and he indicated that he would be pleased to have him assigned for that duty. He stated that adequate provision for the cost of organizing and maintaining the constabulary which he desires to have cost as little as possible will be made in the new [budget?]. The President desires that the Legation guard should be retained until the constabulary is sufficiently well organized to make its withdrawal feasible.

A brief report on Major Keyser’s plan will be cabled Monday.

  1. Not printed.
  2. U. S. Marine Corps, commander of the Legation guard.