The Cuban Minister (Céspedes) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I respectfully call Your Excellency’s attention to the statement of which I enclose a copy25 given out to the Cuban press by General Jose Miguel Gómez in which he refers to his recent conversation with Your Excellency in terms that have made me doubt their absolute correctness very seriously, for they are evidently at variance, in many instances, with the repeatedly announced policy of this Government in Cuban affairs.

In view of the wide and misleading commentaries to which the statement has given rise and while not admitting at all that they could have any intrinsic value whatever, it may appear that a timely rectification might be convenient in this case.

Should Your Excellency coincide in this appreciation, I would highly esteem an expression from you on the statement in question that I might communicate to my Government and, subsequently, make public in Cuba.

With the assurance [etc.]

Carlos Manuel de Céspedes
  1. Not printed.