837.00/2055: Telegram

The Representative on Special Mission in Cuba ( Crowder ) to the Secretary of State

52. The appeal from Pinar del Rio Province brought by the Liberal Coalition Party against partial elections of March 15th, alleging lack of guarantees, was rejected by Civil Chamber, Supreme Court in a decision rendered March 27th, on the ground that appellant did not appear before the Court to sustain the appeal. Similar decision may be expected on appeal from Santa Clara Province where facts are precisely the same.

Will report final decision of the Supreme Court as fast as rendered and when finished it can be truthfully said that both coalition parties have had their day in Court upon every question of law and fact involved in the elections of November 1st and March 15th including the existence of adequate guarantees for both elections. Strongly recommend that policy hitherto pursued of seeking a decision in the Supreme Court of Cuba and respecting that decision, whichever party it may favor, as final and conclusive be consistently and strictly adhered to as best possible solution of electoral situation here. I am reliably informed that and believe the fact to be that the individual affiliations of a majority of the five justices of the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court who participated in the trial of contested-elections cases are with the Liberal Party. Two of them including the presiding justice are known to be affiliated with that party.