837.00/2053: Telegram

The Representative on Special Mission in Cuba ( Crowder ) to the Secretary of State

51. According to official report received by Central Electoral Board and Government, elections in Oriente and in the single college of Cienfuegos passed off without disturbance of the public order and press this morning confirms this statement except in one case involving four barrios of a single municipality. These reports show that Liberals have participated in many places but whether they cast normal vote is not yet indicated. Liberals win mayoralty of Cienfuegos by a majority of 178.

Period closed for submitting proof in appeals taken in Santa Clara against partial elections of March 15th without the proffer of any testimony of Liberals in support of their allegation[s]. Provincial audiencia declared the cases closed and forwarded record to Civil Chamber of Supreme Court, where it should be received this morning. If there is similar failure in other provinces to offer proof the action of the Supreme Court ought to be very prompt and certificates of election to be issued to provincial electoral board should be in hands of congressmen-elect in time for them to participate in [Page 684] the opening of Congress April 4th. Next step will be fixing by Central Electoral Board of a date, which must be the same for all provinces, for meeting of presidential electors in the capital of each province to cast their vote for President and Vice President. Have definite understanding with the President and Central Electoral Board that this date will not be fixed without further conference with me. I have taken this action in the view that it would be unwise for presidential electors to meet now and select a President whose ability to command the necessary two-thirds quorum is not yet demonstrated. A short delay cannot prove embarrassing and the effect will be, in the face of demonstrated incapacity of Zayas to command such quorum, to preserve for time being opportunity for presidential electors to vote for third person who can command it.