893.113/86: Telegram

The Minister in China (Crane) to the Acting Secretary of State

48. My 43, January 20, 6 p.m. Foreign Minister again makes oral representations, states Premier very concerned and calls attention to employment Americans in repair of arsenal.

Following text of note dated January 20th:

“I have the honor to refer to a memorandum sent by this Ministry to the American Legation under elate of November 22nd, 1920,40 referring to the contemplated action of the Province of Kwangtung in taking over from the Kwangtung Arsenal machinery for the manufacture of arms and munitions purchased by it from the American firm of Davis and Company manufacturer. In this memorandum it is requested that the Legation instruct the said American merchants not to turn over this machinery to the Province of Kwangtung.

This Ministry is now in receipt of a trustworthy report to the effect that after this machinery was transported to and admitted into the Province of Kwangtung although the Province of Kwangtung made preliminary payment of bargain money to the extent of $500,000, the machinery in question is still temporarily stored in Shameen in the Paik’o Godown and has not been handed over to the Province of Kwangtung. The report further states that the original contract concluded in connection with this transaction did not include machinery for the manufacture of arms and ammunition and that the articles now in interest do not agree with the list attached to the contract. It is perfectly evident therefore that the American consul has ample authority to regulate the transaction and the Ministry is accordingly again addressing this request to the American Minister asking that telegraphic instructions be sent to the American consul at Canton directing him to devise some method of detaining the machinery in question and on no condition to turn it over to the Kwangtung Government. The Chinese Government will hereafter satisfactorily adjust any points in connection with this procedure that may require settlement. The favor of a reply is requested.”

  1. See telegram no. 43, Jan. 20, 1921, supra.