893.113/83: Telegram

The Minister in China (Crane) to the Acting Secretary of State

43. Your 24, January 15, 1 p.m.39 Note November 23 [22] states:

“Foreign Office heard that Canton Arsenal then under control Kwangsi gave order to American firm for certain machinery for the manufacture of cartridges and guns. Over $600,000 of stipulated price already having been paid. Foreign Office heard Kwangtung now desires to secure machinery, hence if machinery fell in hands Kwangtung Government act would certainly be obstacle to peace between North and South as well as disregard of usual spirit of helpfulness manifested by friendly nations toward China. British Legation had been requested telegraph Hong Kong [to] devise means detain machinery. American Legation requested to order American firm not deliver goods to Kwangtung Government.”

Request has been three times reiterated orally.

While Legation may as suggested by the Department reply that Davis Company not an American firm, possible Chinese will take the position that shipment should have been held up in the United States whatever the nationality of consignee in Canton; furthermore I understand Davis Company is virtually American owned. Head office Singer Building, New York, and is in these transactions interested with Rabbitt Engineering Corporation and Robinson and Cole. British and Japanese Ministers have made inquiries and representations to me regarding Woudrichem shipments pointing out that with materials thus imported nine American workmen are completing Remington Canton Arsenal. Military attaché states information at [Page 540] hand tends to show recent military operations between Kwangtung and Kwangsi parties were largely made possible by delivery of American war materials. Please instruct again urgently.

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