893.51/3221: Telegram

The Minister in China ( Crane ) to the Acting Secretary of State

59. My 53. January 24 [23], 1 p.m. At a meeting of the diplomatic corps today it was unanimously decided to send following telegram to senior consul at Canton:

“The diplomatic body has resolved that their consular representatives in Canton should inform Dr. Wu that no interference with the present loan service arrangements or with the administration of the customs will be tolerated.

The diplomatic body leaves it to the discretion of the consular body to decide whether the communication shall be made collectively or individually, verbally or in writing. The consular body should place itself in communication with the commissioner of customs as to the measure which should be adopted for the collection of customs duties in southern ports in the event that this above intimation fails in its effect and report by telegraph the action proposed. The Inspector General of Customs will be informed”.

Meeting also accepted in principle allocation $420,000 for maintenance of present Kwangtung conservancy work from accumulated Southern customs surplus now amounting to 2,500,000 taels. Consular representatives in Canton to be requested to make suggestions as to allocation of remaining sum for Southern constructive nonpolitical works.