893.00/3978: Telegram

The Chargé in Japan (Bell) to the Secretary of State

254. From Peking:

“July 23rd, 4 p.m. Expected storm against Peking is breaking. Following upon series of recent defeats Kwangsi forces at hands Kwangtung, Hunan is now moving troops against Wuchang. Szechuan and other wavering provinces will probably join in attack [Page 314] on Peking unless Hunan is decisively defeated in which event Wu Pei-fu2 in Honan holds keys to situation. Allegiance of all Yangtze Provinces very doubtful. Premier tendered his resignation 21st; not yet accepted. Repeat to Department as Legation’s 271.”

  1. Vice Inspector General of Chihli, Shantung, and Honan.