123 F 861/132a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Commissioner at Vienna ( Frazier )

365. By the exchange of ratifications November 9 [8], 1921, and by Executive Proclamation November 18 [17?], 1921, diplomatic relations between the United States and Austria may be resumed.

You are instructed to request your provisional recognition as Chargé d’Affaires pending arrival letters of credence.

As soon as you have been received, you will advise the Department thereof and request the Foreign Office to recognize the diplomatic secretaries of your staff and, as Military Attache, Lieutenant Colonel Allen L. Briggs. Also request temporary recognition pending issuance of exequaturs following consular appointments: Carol H. Foster, Consul in charge at Vienna, Robert Heingartner, Consul on detail, and Joséph Burt, Vice Consul.

When you have been recognized by the Government inform consuls and direct them to function and to take over any furniture, archives and other American Government property which may still be in the hands of Spanish Consuls in charge of American interests.

Arrangements are being made with the Spanish Government for the return, upon request, of all United States Government property held by the diplomatic and consular representatives of Spain in Austria.

Inform Consuls.