The Government of the United States to the President of the Allied Conference ( Lloyd George )

The Government of the United States has received through the British Ambassador the courteous communication in which you state that, with the unanimous concurrence of the powers represented at the Allied Conference in London, you are to inquire whether this Government is disposed to be represented in the future, as it was in the past, at Allied Conferences, at the Conference of Ambassadors in Paris, and on the Reparation Commission.

The Government of the United States, while maintaining the traditional policy of abstention from participation in matters of distinctly European concern, is deeply interested in the proper economic adjustments and in the just settlement of the matters of world wide importance which are under discussion in these conferences, and desires helpfully to cooperate in the deliberations upon these questions.

Mr. George Harvey, appointed Ambassador to Great Britain, will be instructed on his arrival in England to take part as the representative of the President of the United States, in the deliberations of the Supreme Council. The American Ambassador to France will be instructed to resume his place as unofficial observer on the Conference of Ambassadors, and Mr. Roland W. Boyden will be instructed to sit again in an unofficial capacity on the Reparation Commission.

The Government of the United States notes with pleasure your expression of the belief of the representatives of the Allied Governments assembled in London, that American cooperation in the settlement of the great international questions growing out of the world war will be of material assistance.