The President of the Allied Conference (Lloyd George) to the Government of the United States8

As President of the Allied Conference which is just completing its sittings in London, I am authorised with the unanimous concurrence [Page 13] of all the Powers here represented to express to the United States Government our feeling that the settlement of the international difficulties in which the world is still involved would be materially assisted by the co-operation of the United States; and I am therefore to enquire whether that Government is disposed to be represented in the future, as it was at an earlier date, at Allied Conferences, wherever they may meet, at the Ambassadors’ Conference, which sits at Paris, and on the Reparations Commission.

We are united in feeling that American cognizance of our proceedings and, where possible, American participation in them, will be best facilitated by this.

  1. Left at the Department by the British Ambassador, May 6, 1921.