462.00 R 29/500: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Wallace ) to the Secretary of State

136. B–421 for Davis.

Your B–210 paragraph 2d. This plan obviously most desirable. No one could carry it out as effectively as Logan. Easy to see certain definite matters which need such close attention and there will be others, also his relations with members of the Commission such they would be glad to give him any legitimate information of general nature.

Files ought to be kept here until United States final policy determined. If then we are not represented on Commission, should be weeded out most drastically. Only small residuum of any value except for active organization here. You have records. Commission annexes legal opinions which comprise about everything likely to be useful in Washington. Shall try in closing up here put files in shape for carrying out foregoing policy.
Ought take 3 or 4 weeks clean up pending matters, arrange new relations with Commission, get finances in shape, arrange about building, also dissolution organization. My plan is then take some trip here in France afterwards spend short time in England. Should naturally go to Washington at once when I return but [in] my judgment can give more useful assistance by remaining on this side if any one wants my assistance. Any assistance in my power will always be rendered gladly. Would even give up foregoing plans if necessary but do not believe it necessary and do not want to be called back unless strong reason to believe I can make more useful contribution there than here. Boyden.