462.00 R 29/492: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Wallace) to the Secretary of State

117. B–415. For Davis. Am instructing Smith withdraw from Austrian Section contemporaneously our withdrawal Paris, Saturday morning. Following form:

“I am instructed by my Government to announce the retirement of its unofficial representatives upon the Reparation Commission. This decision has been reached only after long hesitation and careful consideration.

All representation upon the Commission was in the beginning unofficial in anticipation of ratification of the Treaty of Versailles by the signatory parties. Other powers have ratified and their representations long ago became official. The United States has not ratified and as time has passed its unofficial representation on the Commission has gradually become anomalous.

My Government under the foregoing conditions has felt unable to cooperate with the Allied Powders at Brussels and elsewhere in the preparation of plans which seem to involve a change in the treaty. It realizes fully the great difficulty of these problems and recognizes the value of unified action, but as it cannot at present take part in such discussions or even express any views upon the subjects discussed it feels that it is undesirable to retain even unofficial representation on the Commission likely to be charged with the execution of such plans.

My Government instructs me further to express its sincere appreciation of the many courtesies which the Commission and its members have shown the United States and its unofficial representatives.”

  • Boyden
  • Wallace