760j.6715/23: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople (Bristol) to the Secretary of State

493. Section 2.29 The Nationalist movement was organized as a protest against the Greek occupation of Smyrna, and to resist any similar aggression of the Armenians in the eastern vilayet[s]. This feeling against the Greeks has been increased, and is the only thing that could have held the Nationalists together so long. Therefore, it is safe to state that the feeling against Armenia gaining any territory in the eastern vilayets is most bitter and stronger than ever before. No one could believe that the Turks would evacuate any territory ceded to Armenia without being forced to make such evacuation. The Nationalists, who represent practically the vast majority of the Turks, do not recognize the treaty signed by the Constantinople Government and it is most probable that they will have to be forced by the Allies, assisted by Greece, to recognize the treaty. The Turkish treaty gives to Armenia only such portions of the eastern vilayets as may be decided by the arbitration of the President. This would seem to impose upon him the responsibility for enforcing the evacuation of territory thus given to Armenia. Such regions are practically empty of Armenians to-day and repatriation from the Erivan Republic would result in disorder unless protection were assured. End of section 2. Repeated to Paris.

  1. Telegram in three sections; sections 1 and 3 not printed.