860j.01/195: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Wallace) to the Secretary of State


283. Mission. Referring to Department’s 200 of January 27. At Conference of Ambassadors on January 26, statement was made as follows:23

“I am in receipt of instructions from my Government with regard to the decision taken by the Council of Heads of Governments to grant de facto recognition to the Republic of Armenia. My Government concurs in the decision taken by the Council on the condition that this recognition in no way assured her [prejudges] the question of the eventual frontiers. I may add the Armenian representative in Washington is being notified accordingly.

“While my Government appreciates the point of view of the Allied Governments in wishing to render material assistance to Georgia and Azerbaidjan, it cannot but feel that the question of the recognition of these Governments as de factos raises issues of great scope and importance. The possible reaction on the minds of the Russians, hitherto friendly to the Allied and Associated Governments, of such a recognition which may be emphasized by the Moscow Government as the beginning of an attempt to dismember Russia, demands the further and very serious consideration of the American Government.”

This afternoon I received a call from the president of the Armenian Delegation who came to inquire how the matter now stands. The information which the Foreign Office had already communicated to him was confirmed by this Embassy.

  1. Quotation which follows is not paraphrased.