860j.01/192b: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Wallace)


200. Through an inadvertence the Department sent you telegram no. 188 of January 24, before the President had sanctioned the decision in the question of the recognition of Armenia. No. 197 of January 2620 was accordingly sent to cancel instruction in no. 188. Notices in the press seem to indicate, however, that you have already communicated to the Supreme Council at Paris the substance of Department’s 188. It is desired, therefore, that you will give your best endeavors to modify the strength of any statement you may have made before the Supreme Council on the basis of the Department’s 188. It is suggested in this connection that you could give emphasis to the fact that, in stating its concurrence in the decision of the Supreme Council, on which however the United States is not represented, this Government intended to indicate that it does not oppose that decision; but that the actual recognition of the alleged Government of Armenia as a de facto government is a step to which this Government is not in a position to pledge itself. There should be conveyed, in effect, the impression that the communication of the United States Government was merely an expression of sympathy for the Armenian people and does not in any manner affect the political relations of this Government with Armenia.

The text of the statement which you made before the Supreme Council should be communicated to the Department at once.

The American press has been given the following statement, which is appended for your guidance:21

“Armenia Not Recognized”

“The United States has reached no definite conclusions as to the recognition of the republic of Armenia, it was stated authoritatively [Page 777] in Washington last night. The relations of the United States toward the Armenian state to be created under the Turkish peace treaty have been under consideration by this Government, it was added, but never has a decision been made to accord recognition to the proposed state, as Paris dispatches quoted Hugh C. Wallace, United States Ambassador to France, as having announced to the Council of Ambassadors.

Recognition of a state the boundaries of which have not been defined finally would be unusual, it also was said.”

Please repeat to London as Dept’s 80.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Remainder of telegram not paraphrased.