The Chargé in Salvador (Arnold) to the Secretary of State

No. 622

Sir: In compliance with the Department’s circular instruction of May 28, 1917,9I have the honor to report as follows:

One. The political conditions in the Republic are tranquil. The Government still continues to keep troops on the frontier as reported to the Department and will do so as long as Mr. Arturo Araujo is in Honduras. It is to be regretted that about two thousand volunteers who are on the frontier besides the regular troops are detained from their agricultural labors as it is the time to plant the corn and beans on the small patches of ground allowed the laborers. This will cause a scarcity of corn and beans and an increase of price which may cause a hardship next year.

Mr. Arturo Araujo is still in the custody of the Honduranean Government which has promised to send him from the country at the first opportunity.

The election of four designados for the Presidency of the Republic took place Monday May 17th. They are First Designado, Doctor Pio Romero Bosque, Second, Doctor Roberto Parker, Third, Doctor Baltasar Estupinián and Fourth, Mr. Angel Guirola.

The U.S.S. Takoma arrived in Acajutla, May 19th. Captain E. S. Jackson and aid visited the Capital where they were most courteously received and entertained by the Government.

Two and Three. Nothing to report.

Four and Five. None.

I have [etc.]

Frank D. Arnold
  1. Not printed.