715.16/22: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul in Chargé of the Legation in Honduras (Lawton)

30. Your May 12, 1 [8] p.m.

The Department has received confidential information … that a state of war exists between Salvador and Honduras. The Legation at Salvador informs the Department that revolutionists have entered Salvador from Honduras and that Araujo still continues to receive assistance from the Honduranean Government. If, in your opinion, this is the case, you will remind the Government of Honduras of the obligations assumed by it under the Washington conventions of December 20, 1907, in regard to encouraging or permitting revolutionary activities within its jurisdiction against the Government of a neighboring Republic. Because of the participation of the United States in the Washington conference, and because of the fact that the conventions were communicated to United States as a consulting and advising party, this Government feels a special interest in the observance of their provisions.

You will, therefore, impress upon the Government of Honduras that the outbreak of hostilities is viewed with the gravest concern by the Government of the United States.

Past experience has shown that there are no questions pending between the Central American Republics that cannot be settled peaceably by the exercise of good will and mutual forbearance.

You are directed, therefore, to offer the good offices of this Government for the peaceful solution of any questions pending between the two countries. A similar offer has been made to the Government of Salvador.

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The Government of the United States regards any disturbance of the peace of Central America at this time as a continental calamity and those responsible therefor are charged with the gravest responsibility before the world.

The Department has today cabled American Legation Salvador substantially as above and urged appropriate representations looking to immediate withdrawal of Salvador’s ultimatum if fact of its having been sent is confirmed.