361.11/3452a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland (Gary)

258. Press reports Doctor Nansen leaving for Russia via Berlin as head of International Red Cross delegation to repatriate prisoners “including some Americans”.

Make every effort to arrange through International Red Cross for Nansen to negotiate for repatriation American prisoners and citizens held by Bolsheviks. American Commissioners Berlin and Riga have information concerning Americans and if International Red Cross willing to undertake such repatriation Department will cable full list of Americans.

Advise where Nansen may be reached. Also ask International Red Cross to take up cases of Mrs. Kennedy and Misses Sante and Loviaguine of British, Finnish and Polish nationality respectively, formerly connected with American Embassy and Consulate Petrograd.

In request to International Red Cross emphasize humanitarian phase but also point out attitude of this Government that Bolshevik authorities are holding Americans contrary to all international practices and that this Government is deeply concerned over mistreatment of non-Americans above named solely because of service with American institutions.