763.72114/5225: Telegram

The Chargé in Denmark (Schoenfeld) to the Secretary of State

48. My telegram number 39.62 O’Grady informs me he will negotiate with Litvinoff for release of Mrs. Doty and Kalamatiano as desired. He has concluded an agreement for repatriation British nationals. He fears that Kalamatiano’s release will not be transacted in view of serious charge on which he was condemned to death and then reprieved, but sentenced to indefinite imprisonment. [Apparent omission] do all he can. Litvinoff is still pursuing inquiries with regard to Mrs. Doty. O’Grady has asked Lady Marling, wife of British Minister here, to include special parcel for Mrs. Doty, Kalamatiano, Mrs. Kennedy, Miss Sante and Miss Loviaguine on their consignment shortly to be sent from here to Russia. I have thanked him for this action.

  1. Not printed.